7th August 2010

Updated the GALLERY to look like the rest of the site, plus better navigation.  Looks much better now.


3rd August 2010

I thought it looked a bit gloomy here at PANIC HQ so I've changed things around a little.  Just tried to brighten it up a bit and give it a cleaner, leaner look.



23rd July 2010   

Hello strangers. Long time, no see! More than 5 years, geez...

No real update as such, just a few tweaks. I've recently moved web hosting services and can now easily and quickly make any changes to this site. Previously I had to use a dial-up connection to upload files, which took forever! So, I'm just tidying up a few things that have bugged me for a while...

Youtube seems the easiest way to view videos these days, so I've changed the MEDIA page and embedded our two videos. I've also trimmed the Gremlin Comprehensive School video – the original had around 20 seconds of dead space at the beginning, which I've now been able to remove. Looks much better with no waiting for it to start.

The MEDIA page also contained broken links to MP3s so those have been removed, too. There are still 9 of our MP3s to download, though!

There were various other broken links scattered around the site and these have been cleaned up. Some new ones have been added to LINKS. CONTACT details are updated.

I know that none of this matters in the slightest, especially for a band long-dead. But it keeps me happy!

See ya in another 5 years! See ya in the pit!



20th June 2005

Well, we might have split up about a year ago but we have some new releases!  First off, we are featured on Blank TV's 'Blank The World' international compilation DVD,  16 videos from 16 punk/hardcore bands from 16 different countries.  Proceeds from the sale go to Amnesty International, so it's all for a good cause'n'that.  Our video is 'I Don't Believe In The Loch Ness Monster'.  Here's a pic of the cover:

There are some cool videos on this thing and we have a few for sale through the website.  Just go to the MERCHANDISE section. 


We are also featured on another international compilation, this time a CD, called 'Punk Rock High School' put out by those fine blokes in Russian punk band Tarakany. 

Also on the CD comp are CJ Ramone, Groovie Ghoulies, The Travoltas, The Apers, Darlington and tons more.  This is a great comp and again we have a few for sale in the MERCHANDISE section.

You'd best keep saving your pocket money in case our deceased band throws up any more 'new' stuff!



21st July 2004

Hello fucko's and welcome to a very special news update.  I will cut the bullshit and get straight to the point:  As of 19/07/04, PANIC is no more.  Almost 10 years to the very month of our inception, we have decided to put the old horse out of it's misery.  Misery is maybe too harsh a word, but recently it just hasn't been fun anymore.  Some bands split up and keep the details secret from their fans, some bands simply break up when they least expect it and some do so in an altogether unpleasant manner.  Thankfully, we were not any of those and although I wanted us to play our last gig knowing that it was indeed our swan song and to maybe have a hug on stage, that was sadly not to be either.  I will now explain to you why yet another UK punk band has bitten the dust whilst trying my damnedest not to sound like a whining bitch....

There is only so long that you can continue to bash your head against a brick wall.  Either the wall comes crashing down, or you start feeling dizzy and concussed.  Well we are now fully unconscious.  For so long we were the underdog desperately fighting against the evils of emo and ska and trying to keep the 3-chord Ramones-punk tradition alive since it's initial heyday in the 90's, but now we've simply got nothing left in the tank anymore.  Our 3rd album and our last EP, although our finest work to date and receiving glowing reviews worldwide, has apparently not sold as well as expected.  Despite the label working as hard for us as they do with their other bands, them not knowing what the fuck to do with a PANIC promotional video did not help us or our sales.  We have worked so hard and busted our arses trying to make this band work, but could never really find anyone to work with who believed in us like we did and who were prepared to really fight our corner for us.  If everybody who professed their love for us had bought a CD or come out and see us, we may have survived, but no matter how much hard work we have put in over the years, the support just isn't there.  We have also been witness to a steady decline in our live audiences culminating in what we considered to be a fairly disappointing tour this month.  Although I left the stage every single night a sweaty drooling mess and although I gave it my all, my heart was simply no longer in it and you cannot fake that no matter how hard you may try.  We have to face the facts.  We are simply not good enough.  Our loyalty to punk rock / the underground / DIY scene or whatever, cannot be questioned.  For 10 years we have persevered and done "the right thing" at every fork in the road.  We have been good people and we have shared any benefits or successes received with others and helped many bands along the way.  On this latest tour we lent out our entire backline to probably about 20 different bands in 4 different countries and what did we get?  Not one fucking thank you from any of them, some cunt spilling a pint onto my Marshall (fucking up a PANIC set), another drummer nicking all of Tot's brand new sticks, somebody stealing my guitar tuner...I won't go on.  We had somebody steal our ride cymbal in Italy once, but on these occasions it was other band members that stole from us AFTER using our gear.  I don't want to sound like an old timer, but it wasn't always like this.  We borrowed gear for a few years when we first started and were ALWAYS grateful and courteous to anyone helping us out.  Now that we had our own backline, we wanted to help others out but man oh man......NEVER AGAIN.  We had more than our fair share of scumbag promoters / arsehole club owners this time too and we just can't take it anymore.  Recently, the powers-that-be have been sending us message after message after message telling us to FUCKING GIVE IT UP LADS IT'S OVER!!!!!  Well, mysterious spirits/gods...we obey.

Bitz 'n bobz 'n observationz:  I recently found a fanzine from the mid 90's and in the PANIC interview inside, we claimed that we would give it our best shot for 10 years and if not as successful as we had hoped by then, we'd quit.  Spooky shit.

Somebody once said to me "You know that your band is over when your members start side-projects".  Another ironic observation in hindsight I suppose.

Hey, I fucking love music but want nothing more to do with what punk rock has become.  The punk scene is over for me, so from now on you may simply refer to me as a "rocker".  Bitter?  Me?  Naaaaaaah.

So, our fantastic new material will probably never see the light of day and FOR NOW, our spirits are broken and our souls destroyed.  We'll still be around though; you cannot kill us off completely.  From now on, you will be able to find me here: TEENAGE CASKET COMPANY It's a bit more rocky than punky, but I can only write songs one way and that is from the heart, so the PANIC spirit will continue to live on through my songwriting.  We're playing plenty of gigs and will be recording our debut album in October.  Greg will probably resurface sometime in a band called the SUPERKINGS he's been working on for a while and as for Tot, I know that he NEEDS to bang dem drums on a regular basis, so don't ever count out the man with the "wrists of steel"!  Tot will also be keeping the website open, including the MERCHANDISE section.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans, the small but loyal few who love this band like we do (did!) and have sent us emails and letters of support, bought our CD's and records and come out to see us play over the years.  We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts and you are the reason why we lasted so long.

Regrets?  I have fucking none.

Jamie Delerict.


21st July 2004

I feel I should say something before Jamie does, as the new boy its only fitting that either Jamie or Tot have the last word and as Tot has already spoked....

I would just like to thank everyone that has supported the band from day one, if it hadn't been for you people I wouldn't have had my shot in such an awesome band and working with two great people. I have done things that 2 years ago I would NEVER have dreamed of. I have played with/met people that I would never have played with/met. I am aware that this is the case for most people, "if this had happened, that didn't happen etc etc", but some of these folks have had an awesome effect on my life as it now stands and I wouldn't change it for anything.

I mostly wanna thank 4 people, Jamie and Alice, Tot and Baz. Jamie and Tot for inviting me to be part of Panic and becoming 2 of my closest friends and giving me the opportunities I've had and Alice for being an awesome chick and helping out, Baz for being a good mate in general and hooking me up with Panic prior to my joining. I wanna wish Jamie the best of luck with TCC and Tot with the Hellbilly band.

So, there you go folks, the legend is over but the spirit remains. Now buy me a drink

P.S. Jamie.....I don't like little boys.


20th July 2004

Well after 10 years it's finally over.  We have officially split following a band get together last night.  I know Jamie will be writing a little something to go up here, too, and I'll post that as soon as I get it.

All I can do here is speak personally. These are my thoughts only, my reasons for not wanting to carry on with PANIC anymore:

My personal circumstances are that I am older than most of you, in the middle of a divorce and am full-time carer for my two young daughters.  I am insulin-dependent diabetic and my health is poor at the best of times. It really takes time and effort and dedication just to be well.  On top of that, I have been treated for depression continuously for the last 15 years.  So even at the best of times it's hard for me to simply be well.  On tour both my physical and mental health suffer greatly. Also I miss my kids massively when away from them.  But all of that would be worth it just to play a good gig. Unfortunately our latest tour just confirmed what I had been thinking for a while - no-one really gives a flying fuck about this band.  We have played to smaller and smaller 'crowds' and I think only once in a two and a half week tour actually got paid what we'd been promised.  We lost a lot of money. It seems that no-one cares whether we exist or not. I personally am no longer prepared to make the massive sacrifices I have constantly made for this band over the last 10 years. A band simply cannot survive if people don't care, don't go to the gigs or buy the releases...I'm on benefits, losing a load of money on tour and coming back to lots of bills after playing a tour where hardly anyone came out to see us - well that was the last straw for me. I'm not prepared to keep on sinking all my money into something (often at the expense of my kids) that no-one could give a shit about. It really is a case of knowing when to quit. That time is now.

I would personally like to thank all past and present members of PANIC. Also I am eternally grateful to the many, many people who have helped PANIC in any way, shape or form over the last 10 years. You've been great. Thank you.